The engineering of the future in the present.

Combining expertise and an attention to detail with the technological progress involved in 3D modelling, allowing the work quality of days gone by to be matched, whilst getting rid of errors and reducing the time spent.

Who we are - Idea Ingeniería

Who we are

“The commitment to the implementation of new technologies in design engineering has afforded us this innovative nature which sets us apart and which we have always sought.” This allows us to explore new markets and improve conventional procedures, leading us to be a reference company empowered to set in motion the new industrial revolution 4.0. In the same way, these changes allow us to progress to a new version of the company IDEA 2.0″

What we do - Idea Ingeniería

What we do

Since its outset, IDEA has put itself forward as a multidisciplinary engineering company.

Project Engineering

IDEA offers multidisciplinary engineering services for the development of industrial projects, based on the use of BIM Technology. Optimization of the design with the use of 3D simulation tools, so that the process was sequenced: Design, Engineering, Project, Manufacturing and Construction.

Turnkey projects (EPC – Inteligent)

IDEA performs project management, Project Management, using management processes for design control, procurement, construction and commissioning. We differ in that our EPCs are based on intelligent construction, during the engineering phase (E) the projects are carried out using BIM technology.

Recruitment & Outsourcing

IDEA offers the R & O service as an extra resource that gives you successful solutions when hiring professionals. We search for professionals based on the requirements provided by our clients and we get the ideal candidate that fits with the job you need to cover.

Digital Transformation 4.0

IDEA offers the latest technology for the management and maintenance of industrial facilities. It uses the Augmented Reality and virtual services to connect the plant SCADA with the operators. 3D additive manufacturing for spare parts. Cloud of points for scanning real objects. Drones for the inspection of industrial plants.

Our team - Idea Ingeniería

Our team

“Teamwork” does not just mean “working together”. Teamwork is an organisational philosophy, it is a different way of thinking, it is a successful route which really makes the worker COMMIT to the company’s aims.

IDEA in figures - Idea Ingeniería

IDEA in figures

Committed to ongoing improvement, driven to overcome new challenges.


Average Age.


Growth in the team during the last 3 years.


Percentage of the senior team with more than 10 years’ experience.


Percentage of new recruitments on internships (interns/year). Average age 24 years’ old.


Mean length of service of employees.