What we do

What we do

Since its outset, IDEA has put itself forward as a multidisciplinary engineering company.

Since its outset, IDEA has put itself forward as a multidisciplinary engineering company in which the various professionals and specialists cooperate with each other to develop a detailed, perfected product which is able to meet the requirements of the end customer.

The engineering services we offer for the development of industrial projects are based on the use of BIM technology in all projects. Design process optimisation with the use of 3D simulation tools in such a way that the process is sequenced:

What we do - Idea Ingeniería

It is sought to optimise the material and temporary resources of the works carried out, always aiming to cut customer costs as much as possible, reducing modifications to the Works and faults at the Workshop.

The evolution and growth experienced in recent years has led us to extend the services we offer, including the turnkey projects (EPC), recruitment and the outsourcing of specialised technicians and finally digital transformation 4.0 which includes: point cloud, drones, AR/VR and additive printing.

Project Engineering

IDEA renders multidisciplinary engineering services for the development of industrial projects, based on the deployment of BIM technology. Design optimisation with the use of 3D simulation tools in such a way that the process is sequenced: Design, Engineering, Project, Manufacture and Construction.

Turnkey projects (EPC – Intelligent)

IDEA carries out the Project Management using management processes for the control of design, procurement, construction and start-up. We stand out insofar as our EPCs are based on intelligent construction and during the engineering stage (E) the projects are carried out using BIM technology.

Recruitment & Outsourcing

IDEA offers the R&O service as an extra resource which provides you with successful solutions for hiring professionals. We carry out a search for professionals in line with the requirements provided by our customers and we get the ideal candidate to slot into the job that you need to fill.

Digital Transformation 4.0

IDEA provides the latest technology for the management and maintenance of industrial installations. It deploys virtual and augmented Reality services to connect the plant SCADA with the operators. 3D Additive fabrication for spare parts. Point cloud for scanning real objects. Drones for inspecting industrial plants.

Within the industrial Project services we can highlight:

Ingeniería de detalle y cálculo estructural

Detail engineering and Structural Calculation

Modelado BIM Idea ingeniería



Industrial Projects

Obra civil

Civil Works

Instalaciones eléctricas y legalizaciones

Electrical Installations and Legalisations

Tuberías, depósitos y equipos

Piping, Tanks and Equipment

Arquitectura - IDEA Ingeniería

Industrial and Architectonic Design

Turnkey projects (EPC) have allowed us to close the circle within the design of industrial projects as we have the control of the design we carry out, from the conceptual basis thereof to construction. We carry out EPC, from industrial constructions for the food sector to the installations for a petroleum products’ loading and unloading terminal.

Thanks to the recruitment and outsourcing service, endorsed by the experience of its professionals and the knowledge of the Industrial sector, the good positioning of IDEA on the market and its good relations with its customers/suppliers have allowed it to obtain a prime data base and it has over 5000 talents who are seeking work.

During IDEA history, its philosophy has been innovation as the basis for success and so today, IDEA has consolidated as one of the national references for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in INDUSTRY 4.0, thanks to the implementation of Digital and Connectivity Solutions through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to improve efficiency, productivity, quality and safety in engineering, maintenance and operational processes at industrial plants.

Experience has enabled us to specialise in the following sectors on the market:

Industrial - Idea Ingeniería


Oil & Gas - Idea Ingeniería

Oil & Gas

Minería - Idea Ingeniería


Energía - Idea Ingeniería


Arquitectura - IDEA Ingeniería


Idea ingeniería

“Teamwork” does not just mean “working together”.