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Who we are

The company has consolidated on the market in recent years, evolving and consolidating in the Industrial sector, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Architectonic Sectors.

IDEA was born in 2008 under the motto “Engineering of the Future in the Present” as a multidisciplinary engineering company pioneer in Industry 4.0 and specialised in the BIM methodology.

Today, with more than 12 years of experience and a team of more than 200 people, in addition to its offices located in Madrid, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón, IDEA has a strong presence as one of the national benchmarks in the integration of new technologies, offering the latest technology for the complete digitalisation of industrial environments with the digital twin as the central axis. Such innovation and development have been fundamental pillars for its growth and for having a competitive advantage over the rest.

A great evolution that has increased its staff during the last years and diversified its services: Industrial Project Engineering (BIM), Recruitment and Outsourcing, Turnkey Projects (EPC), Networks, Architecture and Digital Transformation. We have carried out national and international projects in more than 26 countries in the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Architecture sectors.




Historia - IDEA Ingeniería


Emilio Sánchez - IDEA Ingeniería
Idea ingeniería internacional
First projects in Morocco
Prominent project: Phosphates’ Plant for OCP

Some of our projects

2011 - 2012
Turning point in growth / billing
We have managed to double billing
Prominent projects: Mine in Mauritania and in Brazil

IDEA in figures

Oficina Idea ingeniería
Delegation in Murcia
Opening of the new offices in Murcia


Piping y electricidad - Idea Ingeniería
Start of R&D
Research has been started in the AR/VR application in engineering

Digital Transformation 4.0

Specialisation in modular projects
Joining of Rafa Manzano, a partner of IDEA
First projects of modular plants
Prominent projects: Bituminous Sands’ Plant in Canada

Further information about modular projects

Consolidation on the market | Visuartech
Professionalisation and expansion of the Business Development Department
Visuartech comes about: augmented reality application for engineering and architecture

Digital Transformation 4.0

Oficina Idea ingeniería
Delegation in Madrid | BIM-MEP at hospitals
Opening of the new offices in Madrid
Start of IDEA 2.0
First major contract for the development of BIM-MEP in construction
Prominent projects: Farwaniya Hospital in Kuwait


Transformacion digital 4.0 - IDEA Ingeniería
New Recruitment and Outsourcing service
Creation and Professionalisation of the new R&O service
Prominent projects: Petrochemical Workshop Activator (Arab Emirates)s)

Recruitment & Outsourcing Service

Oficina Idea ingeniería
Delegation in Alicante
Opening of the new offices in Alicante


Premio Asociación Europea de Economía y Competitividad - IDEA Ingeniería
European Medal for Merit in the Workplace
Awarded by the European Economic and Competitiveness Association.

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Idea ingeniería
Transformación Digital 4.0
Consolidation of the Digital Transformation 4.0 Department.
Main projects: Development of the AVIS Taim Weser App, SEAT Virtual Tour.

Digital Transformation 4.0

New EPC Turnkey Projects Service
Creation and professionalisation of the new EPC service.

Turnkey Projects (EPC)

ia-manufacturing - idea-ingenieria
Incorporation of IA Manufacturing as a group company
IDEATEAM - Equipo IDEA Ingeniería
Oficina Idea ingeniería
New Delegation in Castellón
Opening of the new offices in Castellón


Instalaciones y Legalizaciones - Idea Ingeniería
Renewal of the Framework Contract with IBERDROLA until 2022
Development of new high and low voltage distribution facilities.


dronica - IDEA Ingenieria
Incorporation of Drónica as a group company
Máster Industria 4.0 - IDEA Ingeniería
Master in INDUSTRY 4.0
Jointly organised by the UPCT School of Industrial Engineering (ETSII) and
Industrial Engineering (ETSII) of the UPCT and IDEA Ingeniería.

Master in Industry 4.0

Premio Asociación Europea de Economía y Competitividad - IDEA Ingeniería
5 Times Award Winners!
1. Award for the Best Company Website in the Region of Murcia
2. Construsoft BIM Awards
3. European Award for Business Management and Innovation
4. Most Innovative SME in the Industrial Sector
5. InnoBankia Industry 4.0 Award

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Oficina Idea ingeniería
New Delegation in Valencia
Opening of the new office in Paterna (Valencia)


IDEA is consolidated with 6 business units.
Project Engineering, EPC (steel structure), Recruitment and Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, Grids and Architecture.

6 business units

iconsa ingeniería
Incorporation of ICONSA as a group company
Grupo IDEA
Shipping: Hospital Covid
Shipping: Covid Hospital
Modular Hospitals Manufactured with Shipping Containers


Ciclo de webinars gratis en Industria 4.0
A cycle of free webinars on Industry 4.0
In the face of the COVID -19 pandemic, IDEA launched the #YoMeQuedoEnCasaFormandome challenge


Lanzamiento de #IDEAgreen
Launch of #IDEAgreen
IDEA’s new range of sustainable engineering and construction:ideagreen.es

Visit ideagreen.es

Lanzamiento BIM Digital Twin
Launch of BIM Digital Twin
A new product developed by IDEA. Your unlimited digital twin.

Ver BIM Digital Twin

Nuevo máster en colaboración con MBIT School
New Master's Degree in collaboration with MBIT School
Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

New Master’s Degree

Oficina Idea ingeniería
New Delegations in Andalusia.
Opening of the new offices in Jaén, Granada and Almería.


Valores - IDEA Ingeniería

Mission, vision and values

Misión, vision, valores - IDEA
To offer value proposals to our clients for their innovation strategy through the digitalisation/digital transformation of their company.
To become a national leader and gain international recognition as an engineering company in INDUSTRY 4.0.
Empathy with clients to achieve maximum satisfaction, providing innovative solutions by means of:

  • Team work with companionship and humanity.
  • Motivation in the search for an Engineer 4.0
  • Innovative creativity.
  • Zero errors.
  • Protective attitude towards the environment.

Homologaciones - IDEA Ingeniería

Approvals and certifications

Premios - IDEA Ingeniería


Committed to continuous improvement, aware of the development of sustainable engineering and construction projects.

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Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+34) 917 034 404.
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Much more than engineering.

Digital Consulting, Engineering, Outsourcing and Architecture.
Contact us.
Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+34) 917 034 404.
We will be happy to assist you.

Much more than engineering.

Digital Consulting, Engineering, Outsourcing and Architecture.