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    Architecture and Design of Sustainable-Energy Houses

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    Institut Balear de l’Habitatge (IBAVI).

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    Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

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    Building and Urbanism

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    Architecture and Design

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    Architecture competition for the construction of 5 subsidised housing buildings.

The IBAVI is a public company that belongs to the Council for Agriculture, Environment and Territory of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Among the several purposes of the Balearic Social Housing Institute is the public promotion and refurbishment of houses. They are subsidised houses that have been qualified by the Directorate General of Architecture and Housing.

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Breeze Harvester is a proposal to develop a building model of 36 subsidised, bioclimatic, sustainable and green dwellings with high spatial quality and energy self-sufficiency. The proposal is located on a site with good accessibility to equipment, green areas and public transport networks. A homogeneous distribution that encourages neighbourly relations between diverse groups.

Breeze Harvesteris a proposal to develop a building model of 36 officially subsidised houses in Palma de Mallorca that have high spatial quality and that are sustainable, green, climatic and energetically self-sufficient.

The proposed building volume is affectedby the surrounding conditions (orography, building heights, type of roads) and is oriented in a specific way to maximise efficiency criteria. The existence of a large subsidised group of housesthat is stable over time and well distributed in the different neighbourhoods is one of the best guarantees of social cohesion in a city.

At IDEA Architecture, we are committed to sustainable architectural design and construction. Always trying to achieve a green architecture model by means of bioclimatic and efficient houses. In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact by limiting power consumption and reducing the production of CO2. In our projects, we make sure that the inhabitants can take advantage of the natural benefits offered by their environment in terms of health, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Your comfort is our comfort.

Bioclimatic architectural strategy:

  • Balanced densification: a compact but fragmented and permeable building model is proposed, turning the airflow and the entry of natural lighting into the protagonist.
  • Flexible house classification: the coexistence of different residential programmes (family dwellings of several sizes) is facilitated to accommodate groups or to meet specific needs with the promotion of flexible classifications that can be adapted to different ways of living.

Constructive solution: systematisation and modularisation.

It is a compact but fragmented and permeable building model where the airflow and the entry of natural lighting become the protagonist. Elvira Carrión, Architect #IDEAteams

We pursue the philosophy of designing a cleaner and more self-sufficient city model.

Bioclimatic energy strategy:

The ecological alternatives of these bioclimatic houses are mainly focused on:

  • The consideration of surroundings as an environment to be revalued and the reopening of the building to its surroundings.
  • A return to natural ventilation systems and the emergence of a new concept from the combination of all types of air conditioning systems.
  • Artificial outdoor air conditioning only acts as a back-up system when comfort conditions cannot be achieved naturally or mechanically.
Begoña Santos - IDEA Ingeniería
Begoña Santos

Directora U.N Arquitectura

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