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    New Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria (MUPAC)

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    Ministry of the Government of Cantabria

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    Murcia, Spain.

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    Building and Urbanism.

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    Quick fact

    Project carried out together with Nieves Maestre and Eduardo Roig.

New Bioclimatic Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria MUPAC and Administrative Space.

The IDEAArchitecture team together with the architects Nieves Mestre and Eduardo Roig present a new museum architectural project. A very interestingcultural architecture proposal for the New Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria, MUPAC and the Administrative Area.

An architectural project for the construction of a contemporary museum that perfectly fits the landscape of the city of Santander. Belén Ruiz Arenas, Sumac Cáceres, Ignacio Perez Sánchez, Jorge Galindo and Guillermo Sotelo also participated in the project.

BIM como metodología de trabajo - IDEA

De Rerum Natura:

De Rerum Natura is integrated into the historical path of Santander with a neutral and contemporary vocation for both its aesthetic details and its formal formulation. It interprets the genius loci of the place by echoing what we consider to be the dominant or key notes of its urban context. Thus, the monumentality of the Castelar Building, the former office of Banco Vitalicio, is evoked from a calm language and a geometry adjusted to the landscape of the city of Santander, avoiding competition in favour of dialectics.

The location of the different accesses and security levels of the project complies with the dossier. They are designed to avoid interferences between the different types of users. The public access to the museum, the museum staff access, the entrance and exit of goods, or the access of the concierge’s staff are separated and ideally located.

Besides, the proposal represents an opportunity to give continuity to the vegetal mass of the Piarists College’s garden. It replicates its classification of a garden raised on stone walls, a tectonic condition that guides the building definition on its eastern boundary. This boundary houses an English patio that enables access for vehicles and goods, solves the museum logistics, and introducesnatural light into rooms below ground level where researchers and restorers work.

Design Criteria:

  • Carved top: The project is recorded on the volume with a reflection that is closer to the territorial strategy than to the built tactic of the context. The top leaves the construction hierarchy of horizontal stacking aside to fit the solar inclined plane of the noon.
MUPAC Santander IDEa Ingenieria
  • The secret garden: The city of Santander can be read from its gardens. The project is incorporated into this vegetal network by prolonging the path of the tree-lined garden of the Piarists’ College. The added garden is hanging and articulates the Council architecture as if it were a cloister. This landscape is told in secret, a public secret.
jardin mupac idea ingenieria
  • Post and setbacks: De Rerum Natura joins the directives set by the city administration in relation to the quality of public spaces and pedestrian circulation, setting back its alignment in Paseo de Canalejas, as suggested by the competition rules, to favour the construction of a mechanised pedestrian shaft.
  • Centripetal fields: The structural solution allows for implementing a MUPAC centripetal organisation strategy, where the reception and public areas are open to the city, and the permanently occupied room is displayed in a single museum space of high quality, in which the arrangement of the back has a centripetal organisation, allowing access by a wide scenographic ladder as a stay/bleachers.
MUPAC Santander IDEA

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