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    Fini Golosinas España S.L

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    Murcia, Spain

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    Architecture and Design

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    Autocad, Revit, Rhino, Lumion

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    2 years

Fini treats, is the leading brand in Spain in jelly candy, marshmallow and liquorice. In the manufacture and distribution of sweets in the Impulse Channel of Spain, it concentrates 75% of the sale of sweets. This is due to its unique and transgressive products, recognizable by consumers of all ages. They have relied on IDEA to reinvent their office headquarters in Spain.

Architecture and Design of the FINI offices

FINI GOLOSINAS wanted to reinvent its office headquarters in Spain. The The building is immersed in the industrial fabric of the factory, which has been growing and colonizing the immediate environment. The new FINI offices are designed as an oasis embedded in a gray industrialized landscape.

About the project:

The project transforms the offices center into the bio habitable and sustainable core of the industrial complex through the following actions:

  • Garden Courtyard:The old gray cobbled courtyard is projected as a garden of palm and olive trees with the ideal conditions to meet, rest, have lunch, work and relax on the grass. The new facade reflects the sweet, innovative and sustainable character that characterizes the candy company.
  • Dynamic walk: As if they were jelly paths, the paths and passing areas are molded and make their way through curves and organic shapes. The pavements change textures, colors and flavors, …
  • Viewpoint Terrace: A piece that acts as an extension of the first floor is designed, allowing workers to go outside and visualize the contrast between the oasis and the industrial desert.
  • Colors and Textures: We act through the combination of colors and textures, building an environment closer to your identity, an optimistic, fun and friendly environment.
Integración Diseño Industrial y Diseño Arquitectónico.Integración Diseño Industrial y Diseño Arquitectónico.


The objective of the project was to rehabilitate the existing offices in order to modernize the old facilities and give them their new corporate image. In addition, the objective of the company has been, from the first moment, to make all its employees feel at home, making them participate at all times in what the new spaces they were going to inhabit were going to be like.


The scope of the project has consisted in carrying out the necessary projects (architecture, engineering, interior design, …), as well as the project management and management of the complete work.

The project began in the fall of 2019 and the offices were fully completed in December 2020.

A bio habitable and sustainable core.

Fini es un claro ejemplo del buen hacer de una compañía. Fini is a clear example of the good work of a company. It is an investment in people, in their well-being. It is architecture integrated into the industrial fabric, with room for outdoor spaces in which to be able to stay and work. Creating a space that invites both the worker and the visitor to want to stay there.

Begoña Santos - IDEA Ingeniería
Begoña Santos

Directora U.N Arquitectura

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