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    Remodeling offices in Elche

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    Elche, Alicante (Spain)

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Remodeling IDEA offices in Elche.

Located on the peninsular coast, the new place of work was designed byour architecture team for the main IDEA Ingeniería Office in Alicante. Taking as a reference the futuristic and pro-technological era imagined by 18th century London trends such as Archigram, the proposalreinterprets the dynamism and anti-design of these hypothetical projects, generating a work environment as fun, futuristic and multifaceted as its context.

The new offices of IDEA, take as reference the futuristic and pro-technological era imagined by the London currents of the 18th century as Archigram.

In this rectangular 220 square metres place of work, some rooms are created in the form of space capsules where to meet, discuss and create. The organic morphology of the designed elements breaks the homogeneity of the room and seduces the inhabitants who walk through it.

Visitors are welcomed in a prism where animation is projected to reflect IDEA‘s 4.0 technology philosophy, recovering the science fiction aesthetics of contemporary Pop Art.

The vinyl design, the choice of materials and the placement of unique objects guide the eye through the space and into the interior of the company, understanding the office as a physical representation of the ideology and the human team that makes up IDEA Ingeniería.

Begoña Santos - IDEA Ingeniería
Begoña Santos

Directora U.N Arquitectura

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