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    Architecture competition for Carlos III University

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    Carlos III University

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    Madrid, Spain.

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    Building and Urbanism

  • Arquitectura



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    Architecture and design.

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Architecture Competition for Carlos III University

IDEA Ingeniería creates ‘Claustro de las especies’, a new creation for the projects competition at the Carlos III University of Madrid. IDEA has developed a project for a competition organised by the Carlos III University together with the Official Association of Architects in Madrid. The design is to construct a Biomedical Sciences building at the Getafe campus in Madrid.

proyecto arquitectura Universidad Carlos III
proyecto arquitectura Universidad Carlos III
plano arquitectura campus Carlos III

On this occasion IDEA has created a new building called ‘el Claustro de las especies’, as this is the space where people, animals, plants and new technologies are all joined together. It is an avant-garde building, designed for the education of the future and based on a sustainable and efficient architecture. The construction is composed of two cores superimposed in such a way that, when they open out to the square, they leave an intermediate space as a key piece. This subtly integrates the garden into the building, blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors. The physical boundary ends with a final hanging coating (flexbrick) that filters light depending on the orientation, camouflages it and provides semi-outdoor living and working spaces. A building designed in the present for a better future.

IDEA Ingeniería is always striving to improve, going in for interesting architecture competitions with the aim of continuing to innovate and create projects like this or other previous projects. Do you remember the project we did for AEDAS HOME? It was a competition in which we proposed a great architectural design for the show office of this well-known real estate developer, a design that was out of the ordinary and although on that occasion we were unlucky, at IDEA we never give up, and we continue working and developing very special industrial and architectural designsthat sometimes wins us prizes, but most importantly and what matters most to us, is that they make us continue to grow professionally.

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