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    BIM Consultancy and Training.

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    Port Authority of Cartagena.

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    Cartagena, Murcia. Spain.

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    Digital Transformation.

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    40 hours online.

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    Quick facts

    Training for a group of 15-20 pax.

The Port Authority of Cartagena, the public body in charge of managing the Port of Cartagena integrated into the state port system, trusts in the consultancy and training services of IDEA to carry out a BIM training course in infrastructures for its employees.

Professional BIM training course for the Port Authority of Cartagena.

The employees of the Port Authority of Cartagena (APC) have successfully completed the BIM training course for employees led by our great team of professionals who have guided the Port Authority throughout the course.

Customised trainingfor APC provided by IDEA through our Training and Consulting services with the aim of improving the optimisation of resources, increasing the efficiency of processes and reducing costs.

The course started in May 2020 and finished in July 2020. The Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM) Methodology course had a duration of 40 hours and was taught online in order to minimise potential hazards due to the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis. In addition, technological means have allowed easy access to achieve effective interaction between teachers and students.

It is about evolving the way of managing the different activities of the organisation. In this way, we try to optimise resources, increase processes' efficiency and achieve a cost reduction. Yolanda Muñoz Gómez, President of APC

BIM is considered a revolution that is changing the traditional concepts of the industry. IDEA has extensive experience in offering tailored consultancy services and BIM training in techniques and solutions to ensure the success of any company. This working methodology is collaborative and allows for the centralisation of information apart from favouring the production of a proposed project. Due to its great potential, the Port Authority of Cartagena decided to entrust IDEA with the BIM training for its employees.

This training is integrated into the innovation process that the Port Authority of Cartagena started in 2017 oriented towards Digital Transformation. For its president, Yolanda Muñoz Gómez, “it is about evolving in the way of managing the different activities of the organisation. In this way, we try to optimise resources, increase processes’ efficiency and achieve a cost reduction”.

BIM training planning:

The contents taught have been adapted according to the needs of the different profiles and their areas of work. The course has been divided into two phases:

  • Phase I, which has a duration of 30 hours, is intended for the “Introduction to BIM” in order to understand the necessary theoretical concepts and continue with the essential fundamentals.
  • Phase II, which lasts 10 hours, provides an “Introduction to Industry 4.0” where real success stories were presented to convey its potential and benefits.

TheImmediate Action Plan for Economic Recovery from COVID-19, whose budget is 200 million euros, is based on digitalisation, one of the main axis, to which 5.8 million euros were allocated and divided into 5 major projects. “This commitment to digital transformation for improving the competitiveness of the port is more evident in the current crisis situation and justifies the need to make it a priority, therefore accelerating everything that boosts the adequacy of services to the new demands arising from effective services to clients and users,” said the president.

At IDEA, we continue to advance in specialisation to meet the needs of the future, what about you? Contact us to train with the best.

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