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    BIM Digital Twin for Chemical Plant – lubricants.

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    Spain, Murcia.

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    Digital Transformation.

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    2014 – present.

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    Quick facts

    2019 awardees:

    CGCOII and AIIRM in the category of the best Industry 4.0 project: Smart-Factory ILBOC.

ILBOCthe Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, S.A., was established in 2012 in its plant located in the Valley of Escombreras, Cartagena and was owned 30% by Repsol Petroleum and 70% by SK Lubricants for the production of cutting-edge lubricant bases (LBO) (group II and III). The company has relied on IDEA since 2014 for the development of multidisciplinary engineering works, digital transformation and outsourcing.

BIM Digital Twin: tools and functionalities

Successfully completed the development of new digital tools for our client, ILBOC S.A., as part of the BIM Digital Twin functionalities focused on reliability, engineering and maintenance management.

The benefits provided by implementing this application type in the daily workflow of reliability and maintenance professionals consolidate the use of the BIM format as a key tool to improve efficiency and quality in both disciplines.

ILBOC, a benchmark company, has been relying on our engineering, Recruitment & Outsourcing and Digital Transformation services since 2014, the latest of which focusing on our Bim Digital Twin product.


Tools and functionalities:

  • Assisted Maintenance

This tool connects the 3D model with the planning of maintenance and engineering works, showing on which plant assets a task is being executed and what their characteristics are. In addition, it has an interference calculation engine between incompatible work permits and a tool for automatic report generation.

Knowing in advance what the safety area around a job is in relation to the rest of the jobs planned for the same day is not only necessary to ensure the safety of the personnel involved, but also allows us to anticipate possible setbacks that may arise during the execution of it.

Ilboc-mantenimiento asistido
  • Asset Hierarchy

The Bim Digital Twin incorporates navigation panels that include the relationship between the plant elements. The data structure allows assets to be hierarchized at different levels, which are listed in an orderly manner and with filtering capacity to easily recognize related assets. In this case we see that the hierarchy of assets is as follows: P&ID -> Lines / Equipment -> Valves / Instruments; in such a way that filtering through a line we can see not only to which P&ID it belongs, but also the valves and instruments installed in it. In this way, we aspire to make it easier for the user to locate the assets without needing to know their exact position or name.

The selection of any of the assets shows the information related to its attributes, as well as documentation associated with it.

  • Asset Health

The Asset Health proposal makes it possible to know the health status of the assets, indicating whether their operation is such that it allows their life cycle to be extended to the maximum. For this, the color corresponding to the health index of critical assets is shown in the model, thus helping to make it easier for operators to interpret their condition and make decisions.

  • Collaborative Space

The digital twin has a Document Manager that allows you to save files and files associated with a particular asset, managing its permissions and viewing and download capabilities.

  • PowerApps Integration

An integration of the Digital Twin with PowerApps applications, from Microsoft’s Power Platform environment, has been developed to be able to modify or introduce new information from the platform that will be updated in real time in the database and will be reflected in the Digital Twin automatically. This functionality provides a lot of value in a wide range of sectors, since it is not particular to any process, and allows for the easy integration of any existing work methodology.

  • Linking  of Reports

This functionality provides the digital twin with the ability to link reports with model assets, displaying on it the elements that have an associated PowerBi. This makes it possible to centralize the information and add more value to the developed report, being able to locate it on the model. This type of capabilities provides the BIM Digital Twin solution with flexibility and versatility, allowing the integration of resources already present in the processes and increasing their value.

IDEA BIM Digital Twin, represents an absolute revolution in the field of Digital Twins. It is the first non-intrusive solution that respects all current workflows and is quick to deploy and easy to use.

IDEA continues developing our BIM Digital Twin hand in hand with ILBOC, which still relies on us for digitalisation works for their industrial environment and bets on the benefits that this new methodology can bring to their work ecosystem.

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