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    BIM modelling to manufacture metallic structures and piping engineering in mine handling material.

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    Taim Weser.

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    Middle East.

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    Process, instrumentation and control, electricity, mechanical, piping and civil works.

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    Robot, Idea Statica,Tekla, Autocad, Lumion, Cadworxs, Pipeflow.

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    Other data:

    Construsoft BIM Awards in the Latin American and Spain category.

TAIM WESER, a leading company specialised in solid handling solutions and projects, special lifting equipment, urban solid waste treatment and renewable energy, has relied on us once again as the reference engineering company we are, to develop a Bulk Handling project for the largest refinery in the Middle East.

BIM modelling to manufacture metallic structures and piping engineering in mine handling material.

A complete BIM modelling project to manufacture metallic structures and piping engineering in the largest refinery in the Middle East for our client, Taim Weser. The works included metallic structure calculation of material conveyor belts, as well as different plant services required for the belt conveyor in the facility located in the Middle East.

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For belt conveyor with a weight of 850 tn.


Metallic structure:

In order to meet the needs of our client regarding the metallic structure, the calculation, modelling and detailed engineering for the following have been carried out:

  • 5 Transfer Towerss with weights between 20 tn and 100 tn.
  • 5 Closed galleriesfor belt conveyor with a total weight of 400 tn.
  • 1 Open Gallery for belt conveyor with a weight of 850 tn.

For each of the above structures. the following has been carried out:

  • Engineering for the calculation and modelling of the metallic structure.
  • Bolted joint calculation and design.
  • Preparation of calculation reports explaining the designs and calculations of the metallic structure.
  • Metallic structure plans for workshop.
  • Metallic structure assembly plans.
  • Detailed measuring.

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Piping engineering:

The other discipline that has been involved in the project has been Pipping, including the calculation and design on 3D of the facility utility piping: plant water, air and dust suppression system.

Our Piping Department has carried out the following duties:

  • Calculation
  • 3D design.
  • Isometric plans.
  • Detailed measuring.

In addition, the 3D modelling for the structure and piping was carried out, together with the plan layout and isometric plans of the three lines, in addition to all the lines of the dust suppression system, support standard and list of materials with MESC coding. These works were carried out using, for example, Cadworx Plant, Open Plant, Robot and Tekla software.

Thanks to this new project, IDEA INGENIERÍA strengthens its presence in the Middle East as well as its fruitful and lasting relationship with the TAIM WESER company after participating in different bulk handling projects across several continents. This new award undoubtedly strengthens IDEA’s possibilities to obtain new international projects in the future as well as other similar projects for bulk handling systems.

IDEA continues to reinforce its experience in the oil & gas sector thanks to our participation in this type of solid handling and transport system engineering and construction projects.

We thank TAIM WESER once again for the trust placed in our company when collaborating on this great project, especially for being part of the development of the largest refinery in the Middle East. We want to emphasize, above all, that, thanks to this project, we have been awarded the Construsoft BIM Award, something that we could not have achieved without them. Discover here the complete story on the Construsoft BIM Awards.

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