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    Modernisation of the Talara Petrochemical Plant.

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    Técnicas Reunidas.

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    Talara, PERÚ

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    Oil and Gas.

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    Mechanical, piping, civil, electricity, process and I&C.

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    Staad.Pro V8, hojas de cálculo de Excel del cliente, Microstation v.7.

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    +€2,7 M

Técnicas Reunidas, a Spanish multinational company specialised in engineering and construction of infrastructures for the petroleum and gas sector and a loyal client of IDEA, has once again entrusted our team with the Detailed Engineering and Structural Calculation of the well-known refinery in Talara.

Modernisation of the Petrochemical Plant, Talara.

IDEA hhas participated in the modernisation of the Talara Refinery in Peru, providing multidisciplinary engineering design, calculation and delimitation services for Rack E-O No.1 metallic structure and foundation, located in Unit 34 (interconnections), in addition to the structures of three buildings, “G”, “J” and “K”, in area 2 of Unit FCK, both included in the Modernisation Project of the EPC Talara Refinery developed by UTE TR TALARA.

The engineering project ..... had a duration of ...


The scope of the services provided for this detailed engineering and structural calculation turnkey project to modernise the Talara Refinery were as follows:

Calculations and lamination checks, taking into account the AISC-341_10 standard

  • Rack structure and optimisation.
  • Metallic structure period.
  • Base Shear.
  • Drifts.
  • Deflections.
  • Special Moment Frame.
  • Beam Stability Bracing Determination, i.e., the number of longitudinal bracing beams to be placed between the gates at all elevations.

Designing all plans:

Designing all construction plans to completely define the foundation and metallic structure.

Developing calculation reports on metallic structure and foundation:

  • Dimensions: Length: 493 m; Surface area: 5,234 m2 and Volume: 64,316 m3.
  • The total weight of E-O Rack No. 1: 3,850 ton.
  • Dimensions of the structure on plant:
    • Structure G: 8.10 m x 7.40 m on plant and 56.70 m height
    • Structure J: 24.5 m x 8.00 m on plant and 24.80 m height.
    • Structure K: 5.00 m x 5.00 m on plant and 31.975 m height.
    • Total weight of the three steel structures: 855 tons.

Once again, our client Técnicas Reunidas demands our services for their international projects, requesting our great technical training, as well as our wide experience developing detailed engineering design and structural calculation works in the Oil&Gas sector.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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