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    Extension of ammonia storage tanks in a petrochemical plant.

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    Duro Felguera.

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    Mejillones, Chile.

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    Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Piping.

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Duro Felguera, a company specialised in the execution of “turnkey” projects for the energy, industrial and Oil & Gas sectors, has once again placed its trust in IDEA for the development of engineering projects.

Extension of ammonia storage tanks in a petrochemical plant.

The Enaex S.A. has decided to build a new ammonia pond in the same area of the current chemical complex located in Mejillones, 60 km north of Antofagasta, Chile. The purpose is to expand the currentrefrigerated ammonia storage capacity in its nitric acid-ammonium nitrate plant.
Currently, the Ammonia Storage System has3 ponds, 10,000 tons each. Two of them are single-wall ponds and one is a double wall tank. This new ammonia pond will have its own boil-off condensation system and flare that will meet the demand of new plants and will be built in a new area away from the current ponds.

The new Ammonia Pond must operate at a storage temperature of -33° Celsius at approximately 1-atmosphere pressure to feed all with required process plants and services (water, air, electricity, etc.) Liquid ammonia to be stored will be unloaded from a ship (at a rate of 450 tn/h) through an underwater pipe.


  • 10,000 metric tonne Double Wall Pond.
  • 20,000 metric tonne Double Wall Pond.


  • Detailed review of conceptual engineering and client requirements.
  • Study of physical facilities (plant) and review of equipment plans in terms of measures in order to comply with regulations and industrial safety standards.
  • Revision of process flow diagrams and drafting of P&ID charts (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), single-line charts for electrical installations, control charts, among others.
  • Sizing of equipment to be used according to plant availability.
  • Preliminary calculations of each system on the project (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, etc.).
  • Initial equipment list: PLC, AC Drives, sensors, valves, piping, cable, power supplies, motors and, in general, everything that will be part of the project.
  • General plans (plot plan, layouts)
  • Technical specifications of the main components
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Piping and instrumentation charts (P&IDs)
  • Basic calculation records (data, conclusions and results of calculation file) for process and auxiliary systems
  • Lists of lines, equipment, valves, etc.
In this phase, the alternative selected in the conceptual engineering stage is developed at a resolution level showing a clear idea of the project, establishing general system size, planning construction stages and budget calculation by global items. In this stage, the measuring list and the necessary determination degree for a +/- 10% economic estimate at the EPC request for the bidding phase will also be developed.
Basic Engineering provides a degree of accuracy for making decisions regarding possible changes.


  • Civil.
  • Processes.
  • Mechanical (Tank).
  • Piping.
  • Electricity.
  • Instrumentation.
  • PCI.

IDEA, hand in hand with ICONSA and as a company of GRUPO-IDEA, has extensive experience carrying out conceptual as well as Front-End Designs, and offers services including Facility Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Technical Support.

In the last 13 years, we have carried out several process plant and revamping projects, ranging from pilot plants to industrial production units.
We are specialists in production and energy efficiency analysis and improvement, as well as in the environmental enhancement of process plants.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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