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    Framework contract for network services for i-De Grupo Iberdrola

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    Murcia, Alicante, Valencia y Castellón.

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    Electrical distribution

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    2012 – Present

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    6 M€

i-DE, Intelligent Electrical Grids, (formerly Iberdrola Electrical Distribution), a leading company in the distribution and maintenance of electrical networks at a national and international level, is committed to the IDEA Network service.

Framework contract for network services for i-De Grupo Iberdrola

Signing of the network framework contract from 2018 to the present for the development work of the high and low voltage distribution installation and the Spanish Levante area, recently extending the agreement with the services of telecommunications networks and renewable energies. The extension of this contract supposes an alliance for IDEA with Grupo Iberdrola that will extend the one already established.


  • Technical information:initial data collection,study and presentation of the solutions of the proposed works.
  • Projects and topography: technical document in which are defined the characteristics of the instalation to be performed.
  • Permissions and Procedures: achievement of the requests towards different organizations affected by the Project.
  • Direction of the construction/building:following and controlling in order for different activities to be executed in a correct way according to the approved Project.
  • Coordination of the security and health: Coordination of the application of the preventives of the prevention law of labor risks.
  • Update of the inventory: graphic representation of the executed work in the systems of the client
  • Managing the cases of BT: analysis and study of the viability of the requests of the petition of the electric service executed by third parties.

Great Experience in Electrical Networks

Previous projects in wind farms, photovoltaic parks and telecommunications networks endorse us and provide us with the necessary experience in the field of electrical distribution:

  • 2015-2018, framework contract for the provinces of Murcia and Alicante.
  • 2018-2022, framework contract that includes Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.
  • 2022-2027, framework contract that includes Murcia, Alicante

This experience allows us to renew the contract with Iberdrola, and with it, the implementation of high voltage systems, whether they are transmission lines, such as substations or generation plants.

Large experience in Power Transmission &Distribution, Electrical grid solutions and Renewable Energies.