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    Public Works Engineering LPG Storage and Distribution Plant.

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    Murcia, Spain.

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    Process, instrumentation and control, electricity, mechanical, piping and civil works.

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    Cadworxs (piping design), Revit (civil design), Navisworks (display screen), AUTOPIPE (piping stress calculation), Robot (structure calculation), Tekla Structure (EM Design).

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zeta gas
Grupo Zeta Gas a major IDEA client and with whom we have been working for more than five years, has once again placed its trust in our engineering services in order to carry out this large multidisciplinary project, worth over 70 million euros.

Public Works Engineering Basic and Execution Project at the LPG Plant.

Now that the Basic and Execution Project of Public Works Engineering of the Butane and Propane (LPG) Storage and Distribution Plant for ZETA GAS in Murcia has been completed, here are their corresponding details.

In the six-month long multidisciplinary engineering project (click here to view the complete project) at the LPG Plant located in Escombreras Valley, Cartagena, all documents necessary to correctly process it with the administration were duly managed:

  • Access Project

    • Rambla Spill Project
    • Serious Accident Document Processing
    • Basic Project at the facilities

Access Project:

For the implementation of the access project, a drafting of the project was made for the public administration to process. State roads and the ones from the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (ACRM) were marked.

This led to the authorisation permit for the construction of the access road to the factory, to be used for heavy vehicles and dangerous goods transports from the CT-34 national road passing through RM-320 (C60).

Rambla Spill Project:

During the drafting of the project, in order to be processed by the public administration of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS) and toobtain the discharge authorisation for rainwater and properly treated wastewater into Rambla de Escombreras.

Serious Accident Document Processing:

The documentation required for the processing and authorisation of the installation involved was drafted in accordance with the higher level directive, SEVESO III, in accordance with Royal Decree 840/2015 of 21 September, approving measures to control the hazards inherent in major accidents involving hazardous substances, and in accordance with the exceptional conditions proposed by the Directorate General of Industry and Energy of the Region of Murcia. The drafted documents are:

  • Feasibility study.
  • Notification.
  • Basic Information (BA).
  • Hazard Analysis (HA).
  • Quantitative Hazard Analysis (QHA).
  • Serious Accident Prevention Policy (SAPP).
  • Internal Emergency Plan (IEP).
  • Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Self-Protection Plan (SPP).
  • Safety Report (SR).

Basic Facility Project:

The basic project for the Liquefied Petroleum Gases (Propane and Butane) Storage and Distribution Plant has been drafted in order to carry out the processing of the facility in the General Directorate of Industry and Energy of the Region of Murcia.


With more than 11 years of experience carrying out projects in industrial plants, Oil&Gas plants (such as petrochemical, LNG, or LPG plants) and storage parks, IDEA merges good work and attention to detail with technological progress to reach the same high-quality work of the past, eliminating errors and reducing the time spent.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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