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    EPC for the construction of three transfer towers

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    Moanda, Haout-Ogoué (Gabón)

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    5 months

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    Robot Structural Analysis, Tekla, Microsoft Project

Maquiaridos is a new client with whom we have had a very fluid relationship that was consolidated throughout the project development, expanding the initial order.

In addition, thanks to this project, we met ERAMET GROUP, the French multinational company that offers engineering services specialised in property mining processes We also met other international companies in the sector, such as the German company HAZEMAG. .

EPC- Construction of three Transfer Towers in Gabón, Moanda.

IDEA Ingeniería has participated in the construction of three new Transfer Towers for a new mining operation in the Okouma plateau, Moanda, providing Engineering EPC, “Design, calculation, 3D modelling and delineation, Procurement and Manufacture” for the metallic structures of the three Transfer Towers.

IDEA, despite the adverse weather in Gabon, successfully achieved the Design, calculation, 3D modeling and delineation, Purchases and Manufacture of the metallic structures of the Three Transfer Towers.


  • Design and calculation of metallic structures, base plates, anchoring pins and bolted joints.
  • Calculation reports of the Metallic Structure.
  • Detailed engineering, to obtain the manufacturing and assembly plans for the three Transfer Towers.
  • Manufacture of the metallic structure and application of the hot-dip galvanised surface treatment to the main and secondary structure, stringers and handrails.
  • Supply of anchor bolts, screws and electrowelded mesh.
  • Quality control in the workshop and drafting of the quality dossier.
  • Load control of the finished material and Packing List.
  • A Team Leader was sent to assemble the 3 metallic structures, the electrowelded mesh and the plate enclosures.

The total weight of the three steel structures, including the entire secondary structure and the electrowelded mesh, is approximately 58 tonnes.

Complications and successes during the project:

The complications that we have faced on-site to carry out the assembly of the metallic structures were the adverse weather (period of heavy rains) and the little experience of the assembly staff that the property assigned us. Regardless, we managed to overcome these setbacks thanks to the extensive experience of our Team Leader, who could train the staff in a short period of time.

It was also difficult to work within the tight deadline we had to manufacture and apply the hot-dip galvanising treatment to the three Transfer Towers.

As a success, we can highlight the fact that we have managed to consolidate the trust of our clientand we have once again demonstrated that we can work on international projects, offering a high-quality service.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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