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    EPC for Detailed Engineering in Petrochemical Plant.

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    La Pobla de Mafumet, Tarragona (Spain)

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    April 2019

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    4 months

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    Tekla, Microsoft Project

Babcock Montajes has entrusted IDEA Ingeniería to carry out detailed engineering tasks (assembly and manufacturing plans),as well as purchase materials, manufacture, surface treatment application and on-site supply services for eight different metallic structures, together with secondary structures (handrails and vertical staircases) and electrowelded mesh.

EPC for detailed engineering and manufacturing of metal structures at the Repsol Petrochemical plant.

IDEA has carried out manufacture and supply tasks for eight different metallic structures (Pumps Platform and Piping Rack of the Pyrolysis Unit No. 1, Valves Handling Platform for the replacement of large devices at the Plant of Olefins, Transformers and Condensers’ Cabin of the Prefabricated Substation, Compressors Building of the Ethylene Unit No. 1, 3rd Prefabricated Substation and PSV Platform) in the industrial complex of Repsol Tarragona.

In this project, by means of its EPC service, IDEA has carried out the 3D Engineering Modelling and Delimitation, Procurement, Manufacturing, Surface Treatment Application and on-site Supply works for eight structures.

The Repsol Industrial Complex in Tarragona will begin a scheduled shutdown, taking safety as a top priority. The shutdown will occur in the main chemical plants: Butadiene, Polyolefins and Olefins.

IDEA has carried out the works in 3D Modeling and Delineation Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Application of Surface Treatment and Supply to work of the eight structures in the Repsol Industrial Complex in Tarragona.

Investmentin safety, technological innovation and the environment, as well as equipment inspection, maintenance and cleanliness duties, will be carried out. The purpose is to guarantee the plants’ operationality, energy efficiency and competitiveness during the next cycle.


  • Detailed engineering to obtain the assembly and manufacturing plans for the eight different structures, as well as the secondary structure (handrails and vertical staircases).
  • Manufacture of the metallic structure and application of the surface treatment of both the main and secondary structure, stringers and handrails.
  • Supply of screws, electrowelded mesh and cover plates.
  • Quality control in the workshop and drafting of the quality dossier.
  • Performance of the finished material load control .
  • Shipment of the material to the site.

The total weight of the eight steel structures, including the entire secondary structure and the electrowelded mesh, is approximately42 tonnes.

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