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    Framework with Endesa Distribution

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    Endesa Distribution

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    Andalucía Este,

    Granada, Almería, Jaén

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    Electrical Distribution

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    2021 – Present

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    7,9 M€

Endesa, one of the largest companies in the electricity sector in Spain, rely on IDEA to develop your generation, distribution and marketing of electricity activities in the Eastern Andalusia area. In the provinces of Jaén, Granada and Almería.

New contract framework with Endesa

In this case with the company with Endesa in the west of Andalucia for the development of the different activities,like the distribution and commercialization of the electricity in the oriental Andalucia,specially in the provinces of Jaen,Granada and Almeria .

In order to be able to offer a close service and of a good quality, we have opened three new offices to fulfill the expectations of one of our most important client of Enel Group


We will perform the following activities that are necessary to complete the assigned duties of before contruction,construction and development,that are necessary in the construction of the distribution net in AT,MT and BT.

  • Technical information:initial data collection,study and presentation of the solutions of the proposed works.
  • Projects and topography: technical document in which are defined the characteristics of the instalation to be performed.
  • Permissions and Procedures: achievement of the requests towards different organizations affected by the Project.
  • Direction of the construction/building:following and controlling in order for different activities to be executed in a correct way according to the approved Project.
  • Coordination of the security and health: Coordination of the application of the preventives of the prevention law of labor risks.
  • Update of the inventory: graphic representation of the executed work in the systems of the client
  • Managing the cases of BT: analysis and study of the viability of the requests of the petition of the electric service executed by third parties.

Our Eastern Andalusia team, made up of more than 50 professionals, is prepared to deal with any type of high and low voltage electrical project, carrying out comprehensive management. Our goal is to continue offering solutions and adding clients to our long list of clients in the Andalusian area and introduce the ret of our services,with our extensive experience and know-how in proyects of electrical distribution like, for example, the one we carry out with Iberdrola. Joining our clients’ commitment to the Environment and Safety. And contributing our knowledge in Digitalization of Grids as the DNA of electrical E-distribution

Large experience in Power Transmission &Distribution, Electrical grid solutions and Renewable Energies.