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    Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

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    Oil and Gas.

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    Digital Transformation.

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    Quick fact

    2019 CGCOIIand AIIRM Award for the best Industry 4.0 project: Smart-Factory ILBOC.

ILBOCthe Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, S.A., was established in 2012 in its plant located in the Valley of Escombreras, Cartagena and was owned 30% by Repsol Petroleum and 70% by SK Lubricants for the production of cutting-edge lubricant bases (LBO) (group II and III). The company has relied on IDEA since 2014 for the development of multidisciplinary engineering works, digital transformation and outsourcing.

Augmented Reality for the ILBOC Plant

IDEA Ingeniería has developed an ambitious Augmented Realityproject in ILBOC, a reference company in the market of lubricant bases, so this company can show its visitors the true magnitude of its facilities.

In particular, the NewTek Lightwave software was used to carry out low-poly modelling, which consisted ofreducing the original 3D model

First of all, theIBL and OBL plants were modelled in 3D, using the Naviswrorks model of ILBOC as a base. In particular, the NewTek Lightwave software was used to carry out low-poly modelling, which consisted of reducing the original 3D modelto the minimum geometric expression, eliminating all the extra information and geometry that caused the model to be too complex. Thus, it has moved from a joint model of both plants of almost 1 GB to one format of only 25 MB in IBL and 12 MB in OBL.

Besides, the App development has been carried out using Unity and Vuforia to launch the Augmented Reality.

The food processing plant may generate approximately 130 direct jobs, including operational and administration personnel.

An APP with the following features:

Augmented Reality for the ILBOC Plant

  • Personalised welcome splash.
  • User and password manager with a database hosted on the ILBOC server, with which the APP communicates.
  • 3D display screen in augmented reality by means of customised marker scan, which can be downloaded from ILBOC’s own server.
  • Customised interfaces and iconography in accordance with the aesthetics of the client’s website.
  • Display with a map of spoil tips to select the ILBOC plant that will be accessed: OBL/IBL.
  • Pop-up of generic information on each plant, which was shown in the prelude to the launch of augmented reality.
  • Area and layer manager with 3D augmented reality models, following the client’s requests:
    • OBL Areas – 1 Area: Storage
    • IBL Areas – 4 Areas:
      1. Tanks
      2. VDV
      3. CDW
      4. Offices + Substation + Control Room + Access Building. Access.
      • IBL & OBL facilities – 3 Types:
      1. Concrete structure (grey)
      2. Metallic structure (green) + Singular elements such as handrails (red)
      3. Equipment and piping (metallic grey).

Finally, to integrate the 3D model in *.OBJ + *.MTL format into the augmented reality APP, checking that no texture was flickering on the models and that the lighting was correctthroughout the set.

In this way, the first stable version has been created and uploaded to theIOS and Android markets, getting both of them the approval of their respective platforms and being available in Google Play.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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