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    Petrochemical plant – lubricants: engineering, outsourcing, digital transformation.

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    Spain, Murcia.

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    Engineering | Digital Transformation | Outsourcing

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    Civil, mechanical, piping, facilities, electricity and I&C.

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    Tekla, Revit, Acad, Caneco, Dialux, Robot, Cypecad.
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    2014 – present.

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    Quick fact

    2019 CGCOIIand AIIRM Award for the best Industry 4.0 project: Smart-Factory ILBOC.

ILBOCthe Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, S.A., was established in 2012 in its plant located in the Valley of Escombreras, Cartagena and was owned 30% by Repsol Petroleum and 70% by SK Lubricants for the production of cutting-edge lubricant bases (LBO) (group II and III). The company has relied on IDEA since 2014 for the development of multidisciplinary engineering works, digital transformation and outsourcing.

Industry 4.0: digitalisation, multidisciplinary engineering and outsourcing in the lubricant plant.

IDEA continues to work on the development of multiple multidisciplinary projects in the chemical plant by means of its different services: engineering, digital transformation and outsourcing with the aim of positioning IDEA as an Industry 4.0 or smart factory.

Since 2014, ILBOC, a benchmark company and a clear example of an innovative industrial plant, has been relying on our engineering, Recruitment & Outsourcing and, especially, Digital Transformation services through our Bim Digital Twinproduct, whichshows ourknow-how within the sector and our team’s professionalism.

ILBOC a benchmark company, has been relying on our engineering, Recruitment & Outsourcing and Digital Transformation services since 2014, the latest of which focusing on our Bim Digital Twin product.



Several projects to provide support in revamping and other improvement projects for both OBL and IBL plants as well as all in its port connections. IDEA provides support to ILBOC in its more than 130,000 m2 facilities. These projects involve detailed engineering developments, procurement management and updating of as-built documents in different specialisation areas; civil, mechanical, piping, facilities, I&C, electricity, among others.

INVESTMENT: In recent years, ILBOC has invested more than €100M.

IDEA provides support to ILBOC in its more than 130,000 m2 facilities.


Recruitment & Outsourcing:

Our Recruitment & Outsourcing service has provided ILBOC, since its beginnings, with thorough and customised search and selection of the best professional profiles.

Technical Support in Maintenance:

  • Civil
  • Mechanics.
  • Electricity.
  • Instrumentation & Control (I&C)

Reinforcement in plant shutdown:

We have also been a key help during SHUTDOWNS, reinforcing its technical team with highly qualified professionals that have completed their training as industrial engineers and that have wide knowledge planning and scheduling projects’ stages in industries, obtaining very satisfactory results.

Preventive maintenance consultancy:

As an innovative company, we have also carried out innovative inspection studies based on irrigation with 2 professionals on-site for 2 years, achieving savings for our client. Thanks to those studies, preventive actions were taken.

Document Management:

Reinforcement of the Document Management Department by hiring professionals in that area and guiding them towards the change towards SAP.

Construction support for revamping:

Construction support for the Revamping Project provided by a professional that we fully trust, has extensive experience in both Safety and Supervision and has been fully integrated into the team by joining forces in order to achieve goals.

Digital Transformation:

The digitalisation project combines the work of the Engineering and Digital Transformation business units. It started by obtaining, by means of reverse engineering, a BIM model of the plant located in the Escombreras Valley in Cartagena. This virtual model is the nerve centre of the BIM Digital Twin (BIM + digital twin), being a common platform to which all the management systems of the different company areas are connected.

In this part of the process, the Digital Transformation service comes into play and is in charge of designing and developing the BIM Digital Twin’s data architecture, as well as of the functioning of its multiple functionalities aimed at the maintenance management and plant operation.

  • Digital Consulting

    What is your situation?

  • Report

    Detailed report including the development of the strategy to be followed.

  • Development

    Development of the following works: Digital twin and customised applications.

BIM Digital Twin integrates the full potential of digital twin technology with BIM methodology. The result is a three-dimensional and smart virtual model that simulates the behaviour of its real counterpart.

IDEA continues developing our BIM Digital Twin hand in hand with ILBOC, which still relies on us for digitalisation works for their industrial environment and bets on the benefits that this new methodology can bring to their work ecosystem.

We head towards Industry 4.0, will you join us? Click here to see the project smart factory.

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