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    Installation of new administrative building

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    Murcia, Spain

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    Cartagena Port Authority

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    Building and Urbanism

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    Multidisciplinary Engineering

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    7’5 M€

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    Revit, Autocad, Caneco BT, Cadworx, Dialux

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    1 year

Autoridad Portuaria de Cartagena,  is a public body in charge of the management of the Port of Cartagena; of general interest is integrated into the state port system. Its objectives are carrying out, authorization and control of maritime and land operations related to traffic and port services; among others.

Installation of new administrative building

IDEA develops the drafting of the facilities project for the new administrative building of the Cartagena Port Authority, for its realization a collaboration is generated with the architecture office of José Manuel Chacón Bulnes.

The work performed is the design and calculation of all the building facilities, as well as the integration of all the parts in the BIM model (architectural, structural and facilities), performing the function of BIM Manager.

About the project

The new building of the Cartagena Port Authority will be located on Paseo del Muelle 12, in the Santiago Dock, located at the northeast end of the Cartagena Dock, and will attend to the inclusion of all the administrative tasks that are currently being carried out. in the Workshops Building, plus the Department of Information and Communication Systems, which is currently located in the Plaza Héroes de Cavite Building.

In the first place, the demolition of the Workshop Building, the Port Authority Warehouse and small storage buildings and canopies for vehicle parking existing on the object plot will be carried out, to later begin the work of adapting the land and the new construction. The building in question will be used as the headquarters of the offices of the Cartagena Port Authority, integrating the Department of Information Systems and Communications.

The main activity of the building will be of an administrative type, in which all the areas of which the port is made up are concentrated: Management and Administration, HR, Unions, Sustainability Department, Information and Communication Systems, Port Police.

The building is divided into a semi-basement, a ground floor and a four-story tower, where IDEA is in charge of two fundamental areas:

  • BIM methodology:

    • BIM Manager
  • Facility design:

    • Installation of air conditioning / HVAC.
    • Electrical installation in AT and BT.
    • Lighting installation.
    • Photovoltaic solar installation.
    • Installation for recharging electric vehicles.
    • Installation of plumbing and sanitation.
    • Fire Protection Installation.
    • Telecommunications installation.
    • Topography.

Scope and Objectives

From the beginning of the contract to its completion, the preliminary project, basic project and execution project have been carried out, as well as the tasks associated with the BIM management of the project, the time spent on it being one year.

Throughout the multidisciplinary process, the different 3D models have been integrated: architectural model, structural model and the different facilities designed, in order to generate a single information model with the collaboration of all the disciplines involved and thus constitute a database as complete how it is possible containing the graphic and technical information of all the elements designed, which serves as a basis for the construction phase and its subsequent management and maintenance.

The model includes the architecture of the building, structures and civil works, uses (offices by areas or departments, meeting rooms, control center…), infrastructures (roads, sidewalks, etc.), as well as all the facilities, such as networks sanitation and rainwater, supply, fire protection, electricity, lighting, air conditioning and telecommunications.

With this work methodology, it is guaranteed to increase efficiency, as well as the reduction of cost associated with project risk. The information model guarantees the consistency of the information during all phases of the project.


  • Phase 1: Public tender. Open selection process where the contest is awarded to José Manuel Chacón Bulnes.
  • Phase 2: Demolition and adaptation. Demolition work on existing buildings and preparation of the land for new construction.
  • Phase 3: Construction. Construction of the new APC office building.
  • Phase 4: Commissioning. Where it is verified that the design and assembly phases have been executed correctly.

IDEA bets on the BIM methodology once again to allow information to be shared efficiently and accurately among all members of the project team.

The design of the building facilities is focused from the point of view of sustainability and energy saving, incorporating a renewable energy production system and charging infrastructure to facilitate the transition to emission-free mobility, obtaining an energy-qualified building. with the letter “A”. To learn more about projects related to sustainability, visit our website IDEA GREEN.

IDEA thus increases its presence in multidisciplinary facilities outside the industrial field, where it has extensive experience, obtaining as a result a project that will be a reference in the Port City of Cartagena.

Looking for a multidisciplinary engineering pioneer in Industry 4.0 and specialised in BIM methodology?