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    Multidisciplinary Engineering LPG Storage and Distribution Plant.

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    Murcia, Spain.

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    Process, instrumentation and control, electricity, mechanical, piping and civil works.

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    Cadworxs (piping design), Revit (civil design), Navisworks (display screen), AUTOPIPE (piping stress calculation), Robot (structure calculation), Tekla Structure (EM Design).

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zeta gas
Grupo Zeta Gas a large IDEA Ingeniería client with whom we have been working for more than 5 years, has once again trusted our engineering services to carry out thislarge project of more than 70 million euros.

Multidisciplinary project in LPG plant

Multidisciplinary engineering works were carried out successfully in the Gas Licuado Zaragoza, S.A’s Butane and Propane (LPG) storage and distribution plant, a company, that belongs to the Zeta Gas group. The multidisciplinary engineering project had a duration of 6 months for engineering and it is estimated that the construction project in Escombreras Valley, Cartagena, will take approximately 18 months..

Project goals and scope:

The goal of the project is to construct two industrial complexes, one for storage by means of spheres and the other, called factory, for filling and packaging bottles and tanks.

Both complexes will be located in Escombreras Valley, Cartagena, (Murcia). They will be connected to each other with the port area, from where all raw materials will be unloaded from a ship.

The project focuses on ship unloading and pumping by means of booster pumps (that then unloads materials on an 8-sphere storage), transfer and filling of tank lorries, tank wagons and bottles for industrial and household use.

Regarding this investment, IDEA has successfully carried out the review and optimisation of the entire project for the New LPG Plant in the factory, spheres and port areas.

Development of Multidisciplinary Engineering in the LPG plant:


Complications and successes:

These facilities can launch more than two million butane cylinders onto the market. Through this plant, the Mexican company intends to enter the liquefied gas market.

Besides, the packaging and distribution factory will create107 new direct jobs, as well as another fifty indirect jobs.

During these 6 months of works, we have achieved facility automation, improving the client’s already existing plants. Except for the facility’s processing obstacles affected by serious accidents, (SEVESO).

Once again, Zeta Gas relies on IDEA's services, trusting in our work to carry out detailed engineering tasks of all disciplines: process, instrumentation, control, electricity, mechanics, piping and civil.

A great project, in which we have all worked with great commitment for the new Oil & Gas plant in Murcia. In this sector, we develop a large part of our activity and projects thanks to the know-how, procedures and technology we have acquired, which are necessary to offer all our clients a customised product based on commitment to compliance, high quality and price.


Emilio López

Sales Manager

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