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    Replacement of diesel boilers with natural gas.

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    Repsol Distributor of electricity and gas, S.L

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    Murcia, Spain

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    Oil & Gas

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    Transport – Logistics

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    Autocad, Cadworx, Navisworks, Caneco BT, TEKLA

Repsol Lubricantes y Especialidades S.A. (RLESA), is one of the Repsol group companies whose function is the development, production and sale of lubricants, specialties, as well as asphalt bitumen and its derivatives.

Replacement of diesel boilers to natural gas in storage park.

Multidisciplinary project in an asphalt plant to replace two diesel-fired boilers with two new NATURAL GAS boilers. Since RLESA does not have natural gas at its facilities, it has had to incorporate a natural gas line supplied by REDEXIS to a new Regulation and Measurement Station (ERM) to reduce the supply pressure to the consumption pressure of the boiler burners.

From IDEA it has been a challenge to work on an existing installation and with hardly any documentation. To overcome these drawbacks, work has been done on a point cloud made by DRÓNICA of the facilities where, from this support, the Mechanical, Civil, SCI, Electricity and I&C installation has been modeled.

Scope and Objective:

The scope of the project consisted of the installation of two state-of-the-art natural gas boilers, highly automated and much more efficient. Whose objective is the replacement of fuel oil by NATURAL GAS, to achieve a 36% reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The project also includes the digitization of different machinery that is part of the production process to achieve operational excellence and manage energy within the facilities more efficiently, using advanced algorithms. The total duration of the 5 phases of the project has been 20 months.


  • Phase 1: Requisition for Equipment Purchase (Boilers, ERM, Electrical Panel) and Technical Study.
  • Phase 2: Detail Engineering for removal of part of the existing installation and assembly of the new one.
  • Phase 3: Technical support during the execution of the work.
  • Phase 4: Optional direction.
  • Phase 5: Legalization of installation.

This project has given us the opportunity to grow as professionals, facing the challenge of a new installation over an existing one in a plant that operates 24 hours a day, with the replaced boilers being the heart of it.

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