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    Cereal Processing and Distribution Plant

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    Spain, Tarragona

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    Industrial – Agri-food

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    Civil, Structures, Mechanics, Electricity, Automation, Fluids and Processes

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    Revit, cadworx, TEKLA, pipeflow, Robot Structural Analysis Professional

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    € 10 M

IPSUM, a services company that is specialised in a variety of industrial assemblies integrating services such as engineering, equipment and material supply, electro-mechanical assembly and related construction works, has entrusted IDEA with the detailed engineering calculation and design tasks at Cargill’s facilities.

Cereal Processing and Distribution Plant.

New DT & CT. Calculation and design of detailed civil and mechanical engineering in a new production area for our client, Ipsum. Detailed engineering to modify the increase and improvement of the Cargill agri-food production plant in Reus, Tarragona.

Hexane evaporation from flour is carried out in an equipment called “Desolventiser-Toaster”, with different floors that use indirect heating and water vapour to heat flour and evaporate the hexane. The last floor of the DT is for directly injecting water vapour that manages to drag and drive all the hexane gases from the DT to the condensers.

At the output of the DT, flour is “free” of hexane, but it is hot and humid. The flour must be dried and cooled before storing and dispatching. This cooling and drying process is carried out in the piece of equipment called DC, which works by putting the flour in contact with atmospheric air. The exhaust air from the DC, before returning to the atmosphere, passes through a cyclone to separate the flour/dust particles from the air.

Project phases:

The decision was made to carry out the works in two phases as CARGILL needs them done during the annual shutdown that the plant has established periodically during August. As the time frame is relatively short, the tasks of the Project will be carried out in two phases.

IDEA continues to add projects and gain more experience in the agri-food industry. More than 10 years of experience in the development of engineering projects in food, agri-food and processing or distribution plants, carrying out several projects within the agri-food sector. We strive to carry out our works with a 100% optimised design, always ensuring the top quality and safety of our clients’ facilities.

Emilio López

Sales Manager

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