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    Integration of a heat exchanger in a Petrochemical Plant

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    Nippon Gases

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    Barcelona, Spain

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    Piping Engineering

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    2021- 2022

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    1 año

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    Cadworx, Navisworks

Nippon Gases – part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation – is the fourth largest supplier of industrial gases in Europe with a global market share of close to 9% across the continent. It is present in more than 13 countries, with a strong combination of on-site/pipeline business lines, commercial networks and distributors throughout the main industrial areas.

Integration of a heat exchanger in a Petrochemical Plant

IDEA is hired to carry out the integration of the heat exchanger in the T-285 plant at the facilities of the company Nippon Gases SLU (NG) in Castellbisbal.

To carry out the project, the point cloud generated with 3D scanning has been used as the main tool, facilitating the collection of work data to create the design, modeling and issuance of the necessary documentation for the legalization and execution of the project.

IDEA rol

The work carried out at the client’s facilities consisted of scanning by means of a Laser Scanner. We use this technology to generate point clouds that are the basis for the 3D modeling of the affected area and for the insertion of the new equipment, the pertinent disconnections and new connections of the Instrument Air, Water and Gas Lines.

The existing heat exchangers to be disconnected have been taken into account, as well as the fact that the provision of the new equipment should allow proper maintenance of them and those located in their surroundings.

The new foundation and support structure had to be executed as well.
With all the data, the flat stress calculations for manufacturing/assembly and As-built documentation of the investment were made, always taking into account that the accessories to be used followed the Nippon Gases specifications.

Prior to the manufacture of all the elements that make up the entire installation, it was verified that all the dimensions of the project coincided with the existing elements.


The duration of the project has been one year and the scope of the services that IDEA Ingeniería offered to meet the needs of NIPPON, in its C.I. of Cartagena, for the bidding of the works of ENGINEERING ENGINEERING WARM END UPGRRADE CASTELBISBAL is the following:

    − Updating of piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) of auxiliary processes and services.
    − Adjustment of equipment implementation plans (plot plan).
    − Data sheet for process equipment, package units and auxiliary equipment.
    − List of equipment and process lines and auxiliary services.
    − Technical specifications, equipment plans and package units.
    − 3D model of the Plant. (Any program can be used for modeling).
    − Land movement planning (fills, cuts).
    − Design and calculation of civil structures.
    − Structural and construction plans.
    − Civil works detail plans.
    − Planimetry of the foundations.
    − Particular Technical Specifications.
    − Architecture Plans (Plan, elevations, sections, details, etc.).
    − Calculation memories.
    − Metric computations (measurements)
    − Piping implementation plan throughout the plant.
    − Pipe flexibility analysis for diameters greater than 8 inches.
    − Piping routing and assembly plans (layout).
    − Technical specifications of pipes and valves.
    − Piping isometrics (includes list of materials, insulation and requirements for hydraulic tests).
    − Detailed list of definitive Tie-ins.
    − Preparation of technical specifications for insulation, interior lining and painting.
    − Study of accessibility to equipment and instruments in the field
    − List of minor materials and consumables.
    − Preparation of start-up procedures (Pre-commissioned and Commissioned).
    − Location of instruments.
    − List of instruments.
    − Distribution of instrumentation and control wiring (ducting, tray, underground, etc.).
    − Planimetry of distribution of instrumentation cables and pneumatic connections.
    − List of instrumentation cables.
    − List of monitoring signals (local and remote), control and protection.
    − Final Plans According to Work (“as built”).

Project phases:

  • Scanning at a customer plant in the affected area.
  • Modeling of the new installation and modifications to be made.
  • Verification with calculation of the installation design.
  • Issuance of plans and documentation for the execution of the installation.
  • Supervision of the execution of the works.
  • Drafting of As-Built documentation.

The point cloud generated with 3D scanning has been used as the main tool, facilitating the collection of work data to create the design, modeling and issuance of documentation.

This project has been completely executed without incidents, within the time, scope and quality initially contemplated.

It is a clear sample that defines us as experts in modeling new modifications on existing facilities, using the point cloud from a scan of the current plant, which makes it easier for us to accurately determine all the dimensions of existing equipment, with this gets:

  • An exact view of the completed installation, on which the impact on the original installation can be seen.
  • Detailed construction plans that allow manufacturing to be maximized in the workshop and field work to be minimized, improving the time and quality of the work.

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