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    Multidisciplinary Project in a Bauxite Mine, Guinea

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    Multdisciplinary (Structure Calculation and Modelling – Piping – Electrical)

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    2017- 2018

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    1 year y 3 months 

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    El proyecto forma parte del Proyecto de Expansión de la mina de bauxita.

Grupo Copisa is a business holding that operates in the global market through its subsidiaries in the infrastructure, industrial and maintenance sectors.

Multidisciplinary Project in a Bauxite Mine, Guinea

Successful completion of the multidisciplinary engineering project carried out in Guinea for the extension of one of the most important mining operations of the continent to extract bauxite in Africa.

The project is part of the Guinea Bauxite Company’s (CBG) Bauxite Mine Expansion Project. It is located in the region of Boke, specifically in the town of Kamsar.

A project carried out for our client, the Copisa Group, a multinational company with almost sixty years of experience and a great trajectory in the sectors of construction, industrial projects, concession and maintenance, which, once again, continues to rely on our engineering services to carry out its international projects.


The engineering works carried out in this bauxite mining operation include the manufacturing engineering development of a metallic structure of 1.300 tn for the buildings, the manufacturing control of the workshops, support in the assembly of the main equipment (dryer, dust extraction equipment…), engineering development of all the electrical supply networks, lighting systems, fire protection systems, water collection and supply systems, extension instrumentation, etc.

Projects developed in the Bauxite Mine


Modelling for Manufacturing: Detailed Engineering and Structural Calculation

The works carried out include the calculation of all joints, structure modelling and manufacturing engineering for the metallic structure.

For this purpose, we have worked with market-leading tools such as Tekla, Limcon and Robot.


Piping Engineering: Piping, Water Tanks and Equipment

The works we have carried out include the entire piping design, stress calculations, as well as PCI network calculation and design.

For this purpose, we have worked with market-leading tools such as Cadworx or Caesar.


Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Calculations: Electrical Installations and Legalisations

The works carried out include the entire charging verification and sizing of all Medium Voltage and Low Voltage conductors, ensuring optimum operationality.

For this purpose, we have worked with market-leading tools such as DWTP or ALPI International Software – CANECO.

We are a multidisciplinary engineering company in which different professionals and specialists cooperate with each other to develop a detailed and perfect product that satisfies the end client’s demands.

The IDEA team always adapts to the client’s needs from the very first moment, contributing our experience to optimise the project with the aim of obtaining the best results.

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