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    Consulting virtual reality project.

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    Bilbao, Spain.

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    Digital Transformation.

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    Consulting and Development.

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    Technologie immersive

    Virtual Reality

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Iberdrola Gen
Iberdrola Generación has once again relied on IDEA to carry out one of its projects, but this time, in our Digital TransformationConsulting and Development service, one of our star immersive technologies is special in Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality consulting project

The consultancy project was based on the installation of a Virtual Reality station for the display of engineering models in the design phase. The station consists of all the necessary elements to make the VR experience possible, including:

  • VR headsets (glasses). Among the different types and ranges of these devices, 3 manufacturers stand out; HTC, Oculus and the manufacturers of Windows Mixed Reality headsets (HP, Samsung, Lenovo, etc.)
  • CP: Depending on the VR headset chosen for the experience, more or less restrictive technical specifications will be necessary, especially in terms of the graphics card, processor and memory.
  • Software. Although each VR headset manufacturer has a platform to manage VR contents, it is also necessary to have other commercial software depending on the use of Virtual Reality.

IDEA, through its consulting services, has guided Iberdrola throughout the entire process, applying the different stages of the manufacturing process, which can be divided into:

TR IDEA Ingenieria

Proccess :

  • Hardware and VR Software Installation. We have advised on the different elements that are necessary to obtain the best Virtual Reality experience according to specific needs. At the same time, deep research work on the commercial engineering software and its complements for Virtual Reality has been carried out.
  • Conversion of models to VR. Fundamental project process. Once the software had been identified, conversion tests were carried out using compatible formats (engineering software – VR software) until an optimisation level, data, detail and resolution, file size, etc. were achieved to meet Iberdrola’s requirements and needs.
  • Training and technical support. After the research phase and after documenting all results, a little bit of VR training was necessary for the Iberdrola team in charge of the project in order to autonomously carry out the installation and conversion of models. IDEA has a team of professionals to provide technical support in case of problems and inconveniences that may arise during any of the project stages, even once it has been completed.

IDEA has guided Iberdrolathroughout the process, applying each of the different stages and accompanying the client at all times.

Thanks to the consultancy work carried out by the Digital Transformation team, Iberdrola has managed to complete the necessary actions to carry out format conversions of the engineering models to VR models for the review and inspection of faults in the design phase. This allows for correcting faults before reaching more advanced project phases with the aim of achieving zero errors and reducing the overall cost.

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