The latest technology and innovation worldwide in every project.
We carry out projects in the main sectors.
We apply the latest technology in the main sectors.

Sector Industrial

Industrial Sector

IDEA Ingeniería provides added value, which is the incorporation of BIM technology at the design stage and the planning and control of costs associated with the construction blueprint deploying 4D and 5D.
Sector Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Sector

IDEA carries out the majority of its activity in projects for the Refining, Petrochemical and gas treatment Sector, involving everything from the drawing up of conceptual engineering and studies, basic engineering and detail engineering to start-up and final design EPC.
Sector Minería

Mining Sector

The broad experience of IDEA Ingeniería in the mining sector has enabled it to take part in engineering and construction projects involving solid bulk transport and handling systems. Our Know-How is vital for its development and enhancement, both of new installations and the remodelling of existing mining installations.
Sector Energía

Energy Sector

IDEA develops a full array of services in the energy sector in the field of electrical energy transport and distribution (T&D) from high voltage (HV) to low voltage (LV), both for public customers and electricity companies (TSOs) and private customers.
Sector Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Building and Urban Planing Sector

Here at IDEA Ingeniería we regard industrial architecture as a driving force which inspires and modifies, allowing us to stand out for our unique designs. Our work is geared towards meeting the needs and interests of our customers with a view to merging decoration and structure. Thanks to our specialisation in BIM technology, “we build” for you at our offices that which will end up being implemented in the works.