Augmented & Virtual Industrial Solutions

Augmented & Virtual Industrial Solutions

IDEA Ingeniería provides its customers with the Management and Maintenance of Installations and Industrial Processes by means of AUGMENTED REALITY to connect the internal plant management simply and visually (ERP, SCADA, MAXIMO, SAP etc.) with the operators thereof. AVIS – Augmented & Virtual Industrial Solutions


Realidad virtual - Idea ingeniería

What do we do?

Virtual Reality/ Augmented reality

Realidad Virtual - Idea ingeniería

How do we apply it?

AVIS - Augmented Industrial Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR: Control and Maintenance - Idea Ingeniería

Augmented Reality (AR)

Applied to Industrial Maintenance and Control.

  • Virtual overlay of elements designed in the real environment.

  • Providing real elements with virtual elements which make maintenance management easier for us.

  • Having available real-time information about the critical elements of the plant to speed up decision-making.

  • Having available all the documents of the designed elements, associated with the elements themselves.

  • Overlaying of that which has been designed with that which has been implemented and analysis of the deviations in real time and “in situ”.

Realidad aumentada - Idea ingeniería

Augmented facility management

Realidad Aumentada - Idea ingeniería

Industrial Maintenance

VR: Training and Instruction - Idea ingeniería

Virtual Reality (VR)

Generation of a digital environment, simulating reality or a supposed reality

Applied to the training and instruction of workers for use and maintenance in industrial plants.

  • Virtual recreation of designed areas shall enable us to analyse errors and interferences at the design stage.

  • Virtualization of elements, both in environments at a design stage and in real environments, to improve training.

  • Getting familiar with a work environment before the construction or physical visit to it, improving the distance learning and training stage.

Digital Factories - Idea ingeniería

Digital Factories

Digital Factories

At Digital Factories, where new technologies, connectivity and data in real time prevail over the traditional maintenance system, AR and VR are introduced into these new processes in which IDEA Ing. implements Digital Integration into industry.

The new Digital Integration processes allow:

  • Connectivity between design, manufacturing processes and the means of production.

  • Automatic, seamless updating of design changes in production.

  • Virtual overlay of elements designed in the real environment.

  • Real-time visualization of information during the manufacturing process.

  • Dynamic updating of production management systems.

  • Complete simulation of critical processes.

  • Data acquisition in the field and real-time updating by means of digital devices.

  • Remote video-assistance for repairs or updates at the plant.

  • Real-time collaboration platforms between the maintenance department, control and the plant operator.

Augmented industrial solutions

What is AVIS?

AVIS, a collaboration platform based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies in the cloud. To use it, mobility devices and wearables are required. AVIS is intended for industrial use in:

  • Process Management and Control.

  • Maintenance.

Thanks to Augmented Reality technology AVIS will allow us to carry out tasks like:

  • Facilities Management

  • Maintenance Management

  • Process Management

  • Mobility Management

  • Wearable Management

This tool allows plant workers and supervisors to have available all the information they need at the right time and place.

This new collaboration platform will allow you to combine the new technologies to give rise to the new DIGITAL FACTORIES in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

AVIS is a platform which will allow you to provide EFFICIENCY, SAFETY AND COST SAVINGS in critical industrial processes.

Do you know why to opt for AVIS?

Productivity and speed

Reliability and cost savings

Control and time savings

Error reduction


Registration and control

Support and remote training

Occupational safety

What is AVIS?



AVIS will allow the worker to work hands-free thanks to the different “wearables”.

Work orders and functions

Assisted work support

Support material consultation process

Remote expert support

Augmented reality

Access to extended documentation

Thermographic vision

Message, notifications and alerts system

Analytical reports and logging of results

Occupational safety and occupational risks

How is it used?

How do you use it?

By focusing on the labelled element, we can interact with it, combining physical elements (element) with virtual elements (information).

This method will allow us to acquire real-time information about any plant element (valves, piping, elbows etc.) and any deviation in monitored parameters can be corrected (pressure, capacity etc.) in situ and remotely, as well as getting to know the characteristics and forms of usage (assembly, quality, risks etc.).


  • Scanning of elements at the plant or manual insertion of identification code.

  • Connection with the DB for the identification of elements and gathering of information.

  • Display on the screen of linked information which shall include, inter alia: Work data about the element (type of fluid, pressure etc…), maintenance history, work readings etc.

  • Storage of checking results on the Data Base carried out on the mobile device.

Access Control to the Application

  • Restricted access control and control of actions carried out.

  • Access to personal worker information (histories of accesses, maintenances carried out etc.).

  • Scanning of the element on the main screen or introduction of the element code.

Element recognition

  • Elements identified by markers.

  • Scanning of the elements or introduction of the code after the worker has accessed the application.

Interface and information provided after scanning

  • Usage condition of the element.

  • Real-time information from the SCADA data base.

  • Additional information panel and functionalities (element location within the system, maintenance file, technical documentation, video tutorials etc. ).