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Point Cloud

Point cloud sets out to make work easier for companies in the Industrial sector, as well as to obtain rapid results, shorter project cycle times, better quality, more detailed results, as well as obstacle-free data acquisition.

Point cloud

Another of the technological advancements provided by IDEA Ingeniería to its customers is the point cloud tool, using it for drafting as-built documentation, the manufacture of parts, detailed topographic surveys for revamping, interference detection, reverse engineering, 3D printing, the inspection and monitoring of industrial installations and infrastructures at a height etc.

The aim of deploying this innovative technology is to make work easier for companies in the Industrial sector, as well as to obtain rapid results, shorter project cycle times, better quality, more detailed results, as well as obstacle-free data acquisition.

What is a point cloud?

What is a point cloud?

It is a set of point data located in a 3D coordinates system and these points are defined by X, Y and Z coordinate sand they are finally intended to represent the external surface of an object.

Point clouds are created by 3D scanners which measure a large number of points on the surface of an object and produce a data file which represents the set of points that the device has measured. This file contains all the metric information from the scanned surfaces as well as that pertaining to their colour and the reflectivity of the material and it thus has all the information that may be useful for the analysis and study of the element.

Nube de puntos tecnología


The 3D laser scanning system works by sending an infrared laser beam to the centre of a rotating mirror. The mirror diverts the vertically rotating laser around the environment that it is scanning and the dispersed light of the objects of the environment is reflected in the scanner.

Laser Scanner

System for HDS scanning (High-Definition Surveying).

  • Nube de puntos - precisión
    Complete field of vision 360ºx270º with high precision
  • Nube de puntos - Alcance
    Broad range (300 m and 90% reflectivity)
  • nube de puntos -rapidez
    High-speed scanning (50,000 points/sec.)
  • Nube de puntos - compatibilidad
    Compatible with standard measurement equipment.
  • Nube de puntos - versatilidad
    Escaneo para más aplicaciones exteriores e interiores.
  • nube de puntos - rentabilidad
    Cost savings
    Up to 90% saving compared with traditional methods.

Point cloud

Laser Scanner

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Nube de puntos aplicaciones


  • Scanning of industrial plants

    Scanning of industrial plants from different stations for the complete capture of all the elements and equipment affected in redesign projects.

  • Generation of 3D “as built” scale models

    Generation of positionally and dimensionally precise 3D “as built” scale models for subsequent processing in BIM, PDS, PDMS, Smartplant 3D, Microstation and Autocad environments from debugged, optimised massive point clouds.

  • Obtaining more precise measures with greater precision

    Obtaining of direct measurements for the point cloud which are precise and more accurate and with greater uniformity.

  • Analysis and control

    Analysis and control of interferences with new redesign projects of industrial sets.

  • Drawing up of digital documentation

    Drawing up of digital documentation with or without the intelligence of the existing installations, even as a tool for validation of the P&ID.

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nube de puntos industria


We carry out 3D scanning and one of its main applications is the dimensional control of the manufacture of components which require very strict tolerances. The parts are scanned and the point cloud is compared with the theoretical model, allowing very detailed control of production. It is also used to “escalate” designs from models created manually.

  • Design modifications, revampings to existing installations.

  • Studying and checking of new design interferences.

  • Design and analysis of large-scale equipment manoeuvring.

  • Updating of existing documentation (2D and 3D).

  • Monitoring of deformations and ruptures owing to fatigue.

  • Metrology.

  • Calibration of tanks, pressurised tanks and piping.


As built Documentation

We carry out 3D scanning with a view to obtaining precise models of the real situation of a building or installation in such a way that documentation or maintenance projects based on its real situation can be carried out. What’s more, they allow a comparison of the evolution over time of an object, allowing the identification of deformations, movements etc.

It is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain a 3D recording and hence a 3D model which graphically represents both the geometry of the building and its appearance.

nube de puntos ingenieria

Generation of digital models

Airborne laser systems afford major advantages over conventional photogrammetric processes. The laser beam suffers less influence owing to adverse atmospheric conditions such as clouds and rain, cloud capture is rapid and the processing of raw data is the sole activity for obtaining the digital model.

nube de puntos ingeniería


The point cloud applications within the scope of engineering are very broad:

  • 3D plant models

  • Integration with other software (PDMS, Cadworx Plant, Revit, Autocad Plant..)

  • 3D data analysis: Tank deformation

  • Detailed 3D surveys

  • Tunnels: Monitoring during implementation

  • Deformation control in prefabricated structures

  • Measurement of parcels, reparcellings and borders

nube de puntos

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a process which consists of designing CAD geometry, being based on point cloud obtained from 3D digitalisation. The final outcome is a CAD 3D file with regulated geometric bodies. Uses:

  • Surface recovery, including when combined with existing areas.

  • Repair of data obtained by 3D digitalization.

  • Modification of existing designs.

  • 3D data modelling for digital simulation and virtual factory.

  • Verifying, comparing and issuing dimensional reports which are more complete than the traditional ones, adding an overview of any deviations of the part.

  • Measurement of parcels, reparcellings and borders

nube de puntos metodología


Scope and level of detail

We develop a clear understanding of the project with our customer (scope of the work and level of detail)

Positions and times

Once the project scope has been analysed, a study is carried out in the area to establish the positions and times to carry out scanning.

Processing / Modelling

Once the scanning is complete, we process all the information and, where necessary, it is modelled with specialised software for submission to the customer.

Clearedge 3D

Clearedge 3D

As part of the 3D modelling works, Idea Ingenieria has specialised 3D modelling based on point cloud.

nube de puntos beneficios



Data acquisition savings


Savings on the modelling of existing plants


Economic savings


Error minimisation

Major cost reduction with regard to data capture and the analysis of industrial elements.

Elimination and/or minimisation of geometric errors in the position and form of the elements.

Having available the installation in 3D for design at the office.

Having available 360º images at the office to minimise the number of visits to the works’ site and analyse any interferences during the design stage.