Piping, tanks and equipment

Piping, tanks and equipment

The piping department of IDEA Ingeniería boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the Industrial sector. Idea Ingeniería can develop any of the engineering stages that apply to a project.

Piping, tanks and equipment

The piping department of Idea Ingeniería boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the Industrial sector. This vast experience, largely gained at the construction and implementation stage, along with the work tools the company has, make IDEA Ingenieria a national reference in the Piping Engineering sector.

IDEA Ingeniería can develop any of the engineering stages that apply to a project. From the Preliminary Engineering stage, moving on to Conceptual and Basic Engineering and Feed and finally arriving at Detail engineering. Idea Ingenieria also has at its disposal qualified staff for the supervision, commissioning and start-up stage of installations and engineering for manufacture (see Outsourcing).

We offer our services in the following industries and systems:

  • Oil & gas

  • Power Generation

  • Offshore

  • Thermosolar generation

  • Desalination plants

  • Food Sector

  • Nuclear Generation

  • Processes and Manufacturing

  • Mining and Metallurgy

  • Shipbuilding

Piping, tanks and equipment

3D Modelling

IDEA Ingeniería develops the modelling of its projects with two applications specialised in Piping Engineering. Cadworx Plant (Intergraph) and OpenPlant (Bentley).

These leading programmes in the sector allow us:

  • To cut by a third the man hours compared to any other methodology.

  • We carry out collaborative, intelligent, 2D and 3D plant designs, based on ISO 15926 open standards. We improve all aspects of the life cycle of your plant.

  • To load the specifications of the customer.

  • Analysis of the final interferences and routes.

  • Automatic generation of Layout, isometrics, lists of lines, measurements, supports’ standard …

The work philosophy at Idea Ingenieria is to carry out all the piping works with these 3D modelling programmes.

Piping, tanks and equipment

Flexibility and hydraulic calculations

Hydraulic calculations

IDEA Ingeniería can carry out any kind of hydraulic calculation and analysis of complex piping systems in which the flows and pressures have to be balanced in order to solve the hydraulic calculation of the system.

We also analyse and resolve a wide range of stages at which the flow and pressure drop must be identified through the channels/networks.

Flexibility calculations

We carry out stress and flexibility analyses on complete piping in just one model, including all the elements, conditions and details of its system, including SIFs, flexibilities, specific equipment and studies, highlighting the main ones:

  • Harmonic Loads

  • Variable Density

  • Safety Valve discharge

  • Dynamic Calculations

  • Equipment Verification

  • Response spectra

  • Fatigue

  • Flotation

  • Natural frequencies / Vibration modes

  • Thermal stratification (thermal bowing)

  • High surge pressures

  • Expansion joints

  • Prestressed elements / Cold spring

  • Hydrostatic Test

  • Static tremors (including NSCR) and dynamic tremors

  • Fluid and thermal transients

We highlight the carrying out of flexibility calculations, flexibility isometrics, critical point detection and the proposal of alternatives, the definition of the type of supports and location, the design of standard and special supports, the definition of structural supports’ requirements, MTO generation of supports etc.

Piping, tanks and equipment

Piping engineering assignments at the works’ site

In view of the experience of IDEA Ingenieria’s staff in construction and implementation stages, we can carry out a wide range of works focused on the works’ stage.

  • Implementation of the Welding Map for the works.

  • Bracketing and spooling of piping.

  • Measurement of piping and supports.

  • END test reports.

  • Traceability and Quality Control.

Piping, tanks and equipment

Equipment and tanks

IDEA Ingeniería is endowed with qualified staff and specific software for the calculation of pressurised equipment. The calculation of the tanks may be in accordance with the standards API 650. API 620, UL142 and AWWA D100.

The calculations include seismic pressures, internal and external, and wind load.