Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects (EPC)

IDEA Ingeniería affords its customers the possibility of carrying out their works and installations on a “turnkey” basis or EPC INTELLIGENT (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent).

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent (EPC)

IDEA Ingeniería carries out the Project Management using management processes for the control of design, procurement, construction and start-up. We stand out from other companies because our EPCs are based on intelligent construction as during the engineering stage (E) all the projects are carried out using BIM technology (3D models) during the construction stage for the management and control thereof, applying the 4th and 5th dimension, 4D and 5D, which consists of planning control through the 3D model and cost control.

EPC Contract - proyectos llave en mano

EPC Contract

IDEA Ingeniería offers its customers all-in Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction and Start-up services which allow extra costs to be avoided, maximising its results and increasing long-term business success. IDEA Ingeniería designs the installation our customer requires, acquiring the equipment and materials, also carrying out the manufacture and implementation using its own resources or outsourcing part of the works to third parties endorsed by us.

IDEA Ingeniería may include start-up in the EPC projects, carrying out detailed planning from the initial stages and having available highly experienced staff who help the customer get used it the new equipment.

The customer receives the installation or works for the price agreed at the start of the contract. IDEA Ingeniería coordinates all the work until its completion and start-up.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent (EPC)

Advantages for our Customers

  • Less Effort

    They don’t have to devote as much effort, time and resources to the works, as they don’t have to coordinate the various agents involved (suppliers, installers, control bodies, administrative legalisations etc.).

  • Team of Specialists

    It has a team of specialists and technicians who take on and resolve any problems which may arise.

  • Sole Contact Party

    There is only one contact to address, facilitating works’ monitoring.

  • Quality

    The EPC technical team ensures work quality and reduces any defects and problems during and after the works.

  • Reducing Financial Risk

    The investment amount is known beforehand, allowing a reduction in the financial risk of any unexpected additional works.

  • Term for Completion

    The term for completion is also stipulated right at the outset and so any commitments can be dealt with within a certain timeframe as there is a specific start-up date.

EPC INTELLIGENT Activities - proyectos llave en mano


The EPC Intelligent projects that IDEA Ingeniería offers its customers include, generally speaking, the following activities which shall be carried out during the project:

  • Design and Engineering

    At this stage, the conceptual, basic and detail design are carried out, enabling us to achieve project optimisation.

    At this stage IDEA Ingeniería shall carry out:

    • Permit and License Management

    • Feasibility and risk assessment studies

    • Implementation

    • Planning

    • BIM 4D development, integrating time in the process and optimising the supply chain, the timeframes and the works’ operations, incorporating all the data into a 3D model

    • Basic and Detail Engineering, paying special attention to the operationality, safety and protection of the Environment

    • Modularization studies

    • Constructability studies

  • Procurement and Supplies

    The general procurement organisation system allows us to obtain and manage human and material resources and equipment in EPC projects.

    The procurement and supply services include:

    • General consulting services for terms and conditions, financial and normative requirements

    • Supplier endorsement services and services pertaining to the assessment and quality assurance of said suppliers

    • Selection and search for materials and equipment which meet the specific requirements of the project

  • Manufacture

    IDEA Ingeniería shall select the manufacturing centre in line with the required capacity, productivity, cost, site proximity, safety and other sets of factors required for smooth implementation.

    Manufacturing capacities shall comply with the national and international standards and regulations required by our customers.

    We offer our customers the carrying out of modular manufactures, in other words, the construction of all or part of an installation at the workshop and, once the various units have been completed, they shall be taken to the works’ site, with this system offering a series of advantages:

    • Greater productivity

    • Greater safety

    • Higher works’ quality

    • Reduction in indirect costs

    • Planning optimisation

    • Risk reduction

  • Construction

    IDEA Ingeniería may carry out the construction with its own or endorsed external resources (bearing in mind the necessary factors of financial soundness, the excellence of implementation, safety and Environmental friendliness). We can also provide supervision services during construction.

    This modus operandi enables us to gain greater control of the critical path and of planning, providing our customers with benefits both in terms of work quality and performance.

    • Implementation of the Construction

    • BIM 5D Development, including the cost in the process, allowing us to associate each works’ item with the BIM – 3D model, in such a way that when the model is updated, we automatically update the project cost.

    • Assemblies (Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation etc)

    • Implementation Supervision

    • Quality Management

    • HSE Coordination

    • “As built” Documentation

  • Start-up

    • IDEA Ingeniería carries out pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities . A successful start-up requires very detailed planning, studied as from the initial stage.

    • IDEA ingeniería has highly experienced technical staff who integrate into our customers’ organisations, helping the plant staff to adapt rapidly to the new equipment

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We have staff with proven experience in conducting EPC projects, which will ensure that your quality, cost and deadline objectives are met.