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The commitment to the implementation of new technologies in design engineering has afforded us this innovative nature which sets us apart, leading us to become a prominent company in the new industrial revolution 4.0.
This is a new version of the company IDEA 2.0.

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Project Engineering

IDEA renders multidisciplinary engineering services for the development of industrial projects, based on the deployment of BIM technology. Design optimisation with the use of 3D simulation tools in such a way that the process is sequenced: Design, Engineering, Project, Manufacture and Construction.

Turnkey projects (EPC – Intelligent)

IDEA carries out the Project Management using management processes for the control of design, procurement, construction and start-up. We stand out insofar as our EPCs are based on intelligent construction and during the engineering stage (E) the projects are carried out using BIM technology.

Recruitment & Outsourcing

IDEA offers the R&O service as an extra resource which provides you with successful solutions for hiring professionals. We carry out a search for professionals in line with the requirements provided by our customers and we get the ideal candidate to slot into the job that you need to fill.

Digital Transformation 4.0

IDEA provides the latest technology for the management and maintenance of industrial installations. It deploys virtual and augmented Reality services to connect the plant SCADA with the operators. 3D Additive fabrication for spare parts. Point cloud for scanning real objects. Drones for inspecting industrial plants.

Our customers’ trust forms part of our success

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